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"Best Pesto in the Universe!"

*Gluten Free
*All Vegetarian
*Handcrafted with love, right in our restaurant kitchen
*Chock full of whole pine nuts
*Made with 100% imported Italian olive oil, fresh garlic, and highly un-refined mineral rich sea salt
*Our first ingredient is always the identifying flavor (basil, sun-dried tomatoes, etc.)

Don't be shy, give it a try. It's the pesto that's best, found low and found high. And do yourself a favor, try every flavor. It's something I know your taste buds will savor...On chicken, on pasta, pierogies, and fish. On sandwiches, and a 100 things more than this. We craft it by hand for your dining delight. So treat yourself now, take some home for tonight.


- At a farmer's market recently, I repeated our slogan "Best Pesto in the Universe" to a woman. She eyed me suspiciously, and said " I'll be the judge of that. I lived in Italy for 10 years." Then she tried our pestos. Her next words were "Oh my God, this really IS the best pesto in the universe."