Soups and Sauces

Enjoy the comfort of Whole in the Wall at home! All our soups and marinara sauce are handcrafted with love, right in our restaurant kitchen.

Our Minestrone Soup is:
More accurately described as minestrone stew. Chock full of broccoli, onions, carrots, zucchini, yellow squash, red cabbage, and more. In a tomato base with macaroni, barley, and spices. Sticks to your ribs!

Our Mushroom Soup is:
*Gluten Free
*A Original Recipe
*Made Hungarian Style, with imported paprika, fresh mushrooms, and every dairy product known to man
I tell people we’re internationally famous for this soup. In 1988, I was in Jerusalem, strolling down a busy street. Guy walks up to me and says “You’re from the Whole in the Wall, right?” Yes, I said. “You guys have the most amazing mushroom soup” he replied. Puff! International fame. We’ve been making this soup for 34 years, same recipe, same attention to detail. Find out why this soup has stood the test of time.

Eliot's Chicken Soup with Matzo Balls is:
*Made with pastured, organically raised, local chickens
This is a 3 day process. It starts with local, organically raised, pastured chickens, and chicken feet. The feet are loaded with health giving collagen and minerals. We boil the chicken and feet for 3 hours, to render the fat and make the meat fall off the bone. Then we pull off the meat, crack the bones (to get to the incredibly nutritious marrow) and return the bones to the broth. All is then refrigerated overnight.

Next day, we skim and save the fat, or schmaltz, because contrary to what’s been drilled into us, chicken fat is extremely healthy. Then we boil the broth with the cracked bones for another 9 hours. We then remove what’s left of the bones and refrigerate the broth overnight.

On the 3rd day, we add carrots, onions, garlic, and last but not least, matzo balls. We add back in the saved chicken, and the schmaltz. What you end up with is the real deal. The soup your grandmother made. The kind of thing that CAN NEVER COME FROM A CAN. Food chemists stay up till wee hours, trying to mix chemicals to taste this good. Such alchemy is NOT POSSIBLE. The best tasting medicine you ever had! Send a quart to someone you love (including yourself!).


Our Marinara Sauce is:
*Gluten Free
*Infused with both our basil and sun-dried tomato pestos for extra zest
What do you get when you throw together a Jewish cook and an Italian cook in a kitchen? You get a kick-ass marinara. Years ago we had a marinara, but to be honest, it was just ok. I knew we could do better. So, my dear friend (and famed former Whole in the Wall cook) Brett and I, locked ourselves in the kitchen. We vowed not to come out till we got it right. And let me tell you, we did! Every cook knows its damn hard to get a good marinara without meat. You decide. Just make sure you eat it with people you know well enough to feel comfortable licking your fingers around.